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I released the quest idea as standalone mod:

Latest Version of Adventure Mod:

This mod ports the adventure mode from DS to DST.

But project is unfinished! -> not playable yet.
I uploaded this, so any modder can take the files and the progress I made, to continue work on the project. But of course please with credits to me. Before doing anything with this mod, you should dig through all the files of this mod and try to understand it. You can try to ask me here at forum, if you want to continue my work and have some questions.

Special thanks to DarkXero, who provided me essential code to play the adventure maps one after the other.

What it already contains:
- The adventure maps are loaded in the same order as in DS.
- First world will be a custom small map, where you can search for Maxwells Door. In other worlds you have to build teleportato to go to next world.
- I already made code to add small quests to the game. The code might be confusing, it is first blueprint since only me had to understand it :D But you can add quests like "bring me xy", "build houses", "dance for pigking" or "kill/destroy abc". Reward can be coins, from which you can buy some basic ressources.
- I also included another game mode, where you can only craft a few things at beginning and no reseachlab does exist. You have to unlock new recipes by quests (blueprints as reward).
- you can choose different difficulties, which will affect weather/mobs and also quests.
- everywhere in my code I made comments, mostly in german, about ToDo and what does what.

Limitations/ToDo for which I don't have time at the moment:
- May be incompatible to recent game updates (did not test)
- Maps with islands do not work currently, as islands in DST are broken and it needs alot of work to restore it. You could make instead one landmass and divde it with some basalt or similar. At the moment it is one landmass without basalt.
- Of course changing daytime/weather for only one player when jumping to wormwhole does not work in DST.
- For the last level, where you meet maxwell, I imagined some kind of a last boss fight, maybe against shadow clockworks.
- What should happen when meeting maxwell at throne? Whole code needs rework I think.
- Add more quests.
- Add more coop gameplay.
- Add new game mechanics and mobs, that were not present in DS adventure.
- fix some bugs in quests or worldjump
- test and balance everything (maybe BETA?)
- Maybe add this map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=608722692
- Could not find anim [inactive] in bank [trap_teeth_maxwell]
- not sure if using own game mode "adventure" or using wilderness...
- ... more see modmain and modworldgenmain. Most of ToDo in german

How to "play":
- choose mod in server mods when creating a game, choose modsettings.
- then choose "Adventure" as a game mode. If you don't, game will crash.
- you can write "TheWorld.components.adventurejump.DoJump()" into console to jump to next world (sometimes it does not work), or use maxwells door/teleportato.

Threads I made:

If some modders are willing to continue work, I might get enough motivation to also continue work. But alone it is just too much work.

What's New in Version 0.6.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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You know, there's a lot of interest in this, but everyone seems to be working on it in different groups rather than as one collective project. It'd be really cool if some sort of framework for incorporating custom campaigns into the game was made first, and then everyone who makes mods like this could use that framework and keep the structure consistent. Having a common framework could reduce issues with errors, but also make this type of thing more accessible to everyone, which could then lead to a wide variety in adventure mode campaigns, both in the actual maps and the conditions to get the teleportato pieces. This would also be incredibly useful to Klei, who would probably appreciate only worrying about not breaking one framework with future updates.

I have a bunch of really ambitious ideas about the different types of worlds and win conditions (and I see that you do too), and a lot of mods already do some of these things individually, but I don't think they will ever happen until a framework exists.

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Thank you very much for your comment :)

I know there are projects about Shipwrecked, but I never heard about another project to port adventure mode to DST.

I'm not a experienced programmer, so I'm not sure what you mean by "framework" ? Do you mean something that you can find at workshop under the name "API" ?
One example would be a standalone mod that allows modders to add custom quests by using functions provided by the API-mod.
Is this what you mean by framework? I could try to make such an API at least for quests, but I have no idea how it could look like for campaigns... but it's interesting idea... unfortunaltey I might not be experienced enough for such a big task.

Like I wrote in description:
If there are other modders out there who are willing to help me, with modding skills, adventure ideas and testing, I might continue the work on this project. And if we are able to create such a framework, I dont have to worry about enough content, cause every modder could create new content.

So if you would participate on this project, please leave a comment or write PM to me.

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I released the Quest idea I began in this adventure mod as a standalone mod here:


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Hi @Serpens

thx you for this mod

but it's look like not possible to load your mod

can you explain how install it?

thx you for your help


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the mod is unfinished. If you still want to try it, better use the version from github.

Non-steam mods must be manually placed into your mods folder Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\mods
After you did that, you can select them normally in the game, but when selecting you will get a warning, that most likely nobody can join, because they can not automatically download the mod, since the it is not uploaded at steam.

if you are a modder, feel free to help to finish this mod (you can write me a message if you would like to help)

Edited by Serpens

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Hi @Serpens

thx you for your help

sorry i have take wrong version, now with version of your github that's works thx you, i see and can enable the mod in the game now

when you says "then choose "Adventure" as a game mode. If you don't, game will crash."

i don't see Adventure in game settings when i enabled the mod, i see only survival, wilderness, endless, same in the world








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Make sure the mod in the mods folder looks like this:

I think at your side it looks like mods/DST-Adventure_Mod-master/Adventure-Mod/modmain.lua
You only need the Adventure-Mod folder.
The adventure game mode will be were you also can set "Wilderness".
In the next version of the mod, I will remove that adventure gamemode, cause it is not really needed.



in the version you downloaded the last world is crashing. All other worlds should load, but in Archipelago world, the wormholes are not correctly connected, so it might be impossible to collect all parts.

Edited by Serpens

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23 hours ago, ToNiO55 said:


thx you very much, i prefer to wait the new version of the mod

thx again for this great mod and take your time :)


all worlds are working now :)
But last world "Maxwells Home" is quite empy/useless and might still be bugged. If you have ideas how to make it more interesting and/or what maxwell could say to the player, please write them :)

And of course the worlds might not be balanced. You can test and tell how we can improve specific worlds.

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