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Here is a Mansion, sorta, (this is my first uploaded map) that I made yesterday... it took awhile, but I completed it, and I'm new to this map uploading thing, so if you see any issues, that's why. icon_e_smile.gif

(btw to find the mansion I built bring up your map and look for the objects)

(also, mods included in map: Maxwell's chest, Futura Dragon, Craftable Uncraftables, 24 slot caves bag, Gate wall, Electricity mod, Magic horns,Test tools, DawnBreak, Summons, Madman's fighting pack, and Books mod, sorry I couldn't list the creators of these mods but you should download them for extra stuff)

Now updated

Has a living room, a magic room, a kitchen, and a back room (garden room, with a telelocator focus)

and outside there is "SANITY" (where you can pick a lot of flowers to restore your sanity)

Link to forum: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/...686#post272686

Two new rooms: bedroom and small science room

Some more interior decorating

What's New in Version 08/14/13 05:08 AM   See changelog


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4.go to save


5. open 2510-mansionv.2.5.zip


6. open mansion folder


7. finally move survival 4 to save





:spidercowers: it dont work    :mad-new: 

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