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  1. 717 downloads

    Welcome to the Wilson (get the refrence?) This is my first (adventure) map! You start off in a old, crumbling, house with a chest, and a krampus sack. This map has a few structures like: The neighbor's house Pig village Cave-y Maxwell's monument Maxwell's portal more coming soon! Back Story: Wilson met the other Don't Starve character's and they built a mansion (possible refrence to my other map...?), then Maxwell destroyed the mansion, separating the characters, Wilson then went of in search of the Door he created, to possibly destroy Maxwell... (Map takes place 2 years later) It is recommended that you install the following mods: Potions mod; Bigger containers; Futara dragon; RPG HUD; Always On Status; Books mod; Opcane; Remember: this map will keep on updating with new features (cave level not finished) Now updated to Hunger (added new stuff too!) (forum thread:
  2. 2552 downloads

    Here is a Mansion, sorta, (this is my first uploaded map) that I made yesterday... it took awhile, but I completed it, and I'm new to this map uploading thing, so if you see any issues, that's why. (btw to find the mansion I built bring up your map and look for the objects) (also, mods included in map: Maxwell's chest, Futura Dragon, Craftable Uncraftables, 24 slot caves bag, Gate wall, Electricity mod, Magic horns,Test tools, DawnBreak, Summons, Madman's fighting pack, and Books mod, sorry I couldn't list the creators of these mods but you should download them for extra stuff) Now updated Has a living room, a magic room, a kitchen, and a back room (garden room, with a telelocator focus) and outside there is "SANITY" (where you can pick a lot of flowers to restore your sanity) Link to forum: Two new rooms: bedroom and small science room Some more interior decorating
  3. 583 downloads

    This mod makes gives you sanity once you eat cooked meat and takes sanity away once you eat cooked monster meat.
  4. 210 downloads

    Ever wanted to eat things normal people never could in Don't Starve? well now you can! (Inspired by artic fox's "crafable uncraftables") Eating Features: Upcoming Features Forum: This is my first mod Now this mod has a new icon
  5. 128 downloads

    Ever wanted to eat things normal people never could in Don't Starve? well now you can! (Inspired by artic fox's "crafable uncraftables") Eating Features: Upcoming Features Forum: This is my first mod Now this mod has a new icon
  6. 158 downloads

    Think Don't Starve is too easy? Well this mod will try to challenge you! To enable, just rename the modmain into tunig and replace it with the tuning at don't starve/data/scripts
  7. okay I renamed the anim file to batarang

  8. Okay I'll try it when I get home

  9. In short - you take boomerang's anim folder from the game files, rename all archives to\, replace .tex files in both archive with your repainted ones, then you replace in both build.bin files and all the script files filenames from boomerang to batarang... Well, if you look in some of my sword files you'll see what needs to be done.

  10. Well, in case of weapons anim folder contains two archives. One to define weapons sprite when its placed on the ground. Its usually called just for example. And one which will be used when game plays swapping and striking animation All archives contain .tex file which is a picture - weapons's sprite (you know that if you have repainted boomerang) and a build.bin file in which game defines what graphic files will be used. For example if you wish to rename file into you'll need to change this filename in all assosiated script files and what is the most difficult - in build.bin file. There should be a thread about editing .bin files. I myself used hex editor to edit .bin files, but there should be an utility that does it without hex editing. And there is a thread about working with anims, it explained there much better than I can.

  11. Well I have made a mod called batman, its not released. Where all I did was recolor the boomerang, should I also use the anim file for boomerang? Even though your new I need your help, for the time being I will investigate your fighting pack to see how it works and I'll ask you when I need help

  12. Well, actually i'm not an expert. Not even close. I just know a little about scripting and use a lot of examples. Right now we can't add new animations to the game, so we are very limited in modding. All I know is how to add some simple melee weapons and its rather easy - you just need to take someone's mod as an example and change things like name, damage, durability, crafting recipe and weapons sprite. Changing sprite can be quite tricky, but I believe there is some tutorial threads here that explain how to add new objects to the game. And if you have some simple questions about scripting i'll try to answer when I am here. I don't promise anything useful though - I'am quite a newbie myself.

  13. I've seen that you created your own mod that adds custom weapons and armor (I downloaded it) so you might be the expert at creating your own prefab, I want to be able to make weapons too