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All credit for original creator eddieo64

I added new Recipes to original "Recipes Book" Mods. The images show a summary of recipes.

Compatible with:

Reign of Giants


The following Recipes does not require Crock Pot or Portable Crock Pot, just make sure you have the necessary ingredients

Recipes added
Wobster Bisque
Wobster Dinner
California Roll
Mussel Bouillabaise
Jelly-o Pop
Seafood Gumbo
Shark fin Soup
Sweet Potato Souffle
Fresh Fruit Crepes
Banana Pop
Trail Mix

Original Recipes on Mod
You can be seen from the number 4 onwards image.

Seen this project was abandoned and my curiosity to know how many more recipes had to Don't Starve: Shipwrecked, I decided to try to change this mod and include in those missing. It was not so difficult so I decided to Share with you.

Feel free to add more recipes to the file. They just have to edit the file modmain.lua

Sorry my bad english. Enjoy.

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