Tunnel Shaft 1.0.1

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About This File

A tunnel for instant travel.


I wanted to have instant transport and I noticed that there were no compatible tunnels/wormholes available (or I could not find one myself) for the latest DLC, Shipwrecked, so I made one.

It basically works like a wormhole. You need to make at least 2 shafts for it to work properly. I do not recommend having more than 2-3 shafts per world as using a shaft has random results.

There is a 50% chance you will be returned to the entrance of the shaft that was used. The more shafts there are, the more unlikely you will reach your intended destination.


Requires: Alchemy Engine
Tab: Structure
- 6 Boards
- 1 Miner Hat
- 1 Shovel


- Subtracts a low amount of Sanity for each use
- Subtracts a medium amount of Hunger for each use
- Fully animated prefab
- Minimap icon


- Compatible with Shipwrecked and/or Reign of Giants
- Incompatible with vanilla
- Incompatible with mods that modify the jumping animation


- The Sanity and Hunger Lost can be adjusted through the configuration


- This mod is based on the Chaotic Wormhole from the mod Summons by Heavenfall.


- This mod is also available on the Steam Workshop: Link

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Sorry for my English. Good mod, but he enters only one tunnel from two acts correctly, near the larger number real madness. Taste to make the larger number of accessible tunnels near the next updating.

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