MAHD - The Reptile [DST] 1.0.0

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Steam Adress :

The Reptilian. (DS-DST)
All Artwork by mahdwolfe.

Engage the realm of Don't Starve with this beast - The Reptile, MAHD.

Flaws :
*Its a Cold Blooded creature, which means cold hurt him very badly.
*He hates spoiled food.
*Tagged as a Monster - Of course ;)
*Night drains his sanity.

Perks :
*He can Level up by eating Dragon Pie, thus increasing his overall stats.
*A Light is emitted by MAHD on his first travel, losing it on death. (Need to be fixed)
*Because of his reptilian scales, MAHD is protected against wetness. Scales do not get wet.
*He's a Sun lover and doesnt get overheated by it.

That's the creature all about ! Enjoy and have fun. Share with friend and comments are welcome!

This mod is made by D4rkh0bb1t and Mahdwolfe.

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