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[DS] version requires ROG

**Vanilla [DS] support is coming soon!

* [SW] dialogue is not complete and also has not been extensively tested. 

"Recitation: Yes, as I said, I am an assassin droid. It is my primary function to burn holes through meatbags that you wish removed from the galaxy, Master. Oh, how I hate that term."

Everyone's favorite assassin droid companion from KOTOR I and KOTOR II.

**v1.4 FEATURES for [DS] ROG and [DST]**

Fully custom dialogue.

-- Most dialogue is straight from KOTOR I & II. Some quotes had to be slightly adjusted to fit the game.

-- Try finding them all. There are a lot more than I thought there were before I made this mod.


-- Hunter/Killer - Can upgrade damage with craftable Assassin Droid Modules (A.D.M.).

-- Rusty Red - The years have not been kind to poor HK-47. If it is raining or his core temperature drops below 30 degrees, he'll start to spark and take damage unless appropriate clothing is worn.

-- Upgrade Pack - Can upgrade health, hunger and sanity with gears.

Starting Stats:

Health: 100

Hunger: 150

Sanity: 100

Fully Upgraded Stats:

Health: 300

Hunger: 250

Sanity: 150

Craftable Items!!

Under the new "Droid" tab, three items can be crafted:

Assassin Droid Module - Used to upgrade HK-47's damage multiplier. (5 possible upgrades available - up to 50% extra damage)

Crafting: 1x Gears, 2x Purple Gem, 1x Gold Nugget


Vibro-rang - A flying modified vibroblade which deals more damage than a standard boomerang, but has less uses. Costs 3 sanity per throw.

[DS] PLEASE NOTE: There is currently a bug with the normal boomerang flying past the player which also affects this mod unfortunately. Just hold the catch button as it flies towards you or else you will lose it forever.

Crafting: 1x Gears, 1x Red Gem --Currently HK-47's starting item.


Aratech Blow Gun - Comes complete with tri-light scope giving it more damage and range than a standard blowdart. It has 3 shots. Costs 8 sanity per shot.

Crafting: 1x Blowdart, 1x Gears, 1x Red Gem


Thermal Detonator - Deals more damage than standard gunpowder. Equip to throw. It will drop to the ground after colliding with a target. Three second delay before the boom. 

Crafting: 1x Gears, 1x Gunpowder


Hope you all enjoy it and have fun!

*Please report any bugs and I'll try to fix them promptly.

What's New in Version 1.42   See changelog


  • 2/13/16 [DS]
  • - Added Thermal Detonator
  • - Added announcements for A.D.M. upgrades

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try to add something like  Autocatch mod.
i added one line:
AddPrefabPostInit("hkrang", setAutoCatch)
and is ok.
if u want it's modmain.lua:
function setAutoCatch(inst)
    local oldhit = inst.components.projectile.Hit
    function inst.components.projectile:Hit(target)
        if target == self.owner and target.components.catcher then
            target:PushEvent("catch", {projectile = self.inst}) 
            self.inst:PushEvent("caught", {catcher = target})
            oldhit(self, target)
AddPrefabPostInit("boomerang", setAutoCatch)
AddPrefabPostInit("hkrang", setAutoCatch)
but I do not know much about programming and I'm not the author
can u give me some tips? i start in the spring , rain is killing me quickly , umbrella does not help. Is there any way to avoid getting hit from the rain ?


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At the start of the game you can nullify rain completely with straw hat, pretty parasol, and standing under a tree. Make sure you do this near a firepit and have plenty of food. I had to restart a couple of times until I could handle rain.

You can also set chess to more, kite rooks into knights and bishops, and rapidly outheal the damage with the butt load of gears you get on day 1, but thats another thing.

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