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  1. Oh wow... I just discovered the fact that you can put atmo suits at the exits of your dupes' bedrooms. So instead of piping oxygen all over your base, you just pipe it from oxygen generators to your atmo suit docks. Here's the picture on the thread I found. I'm stealing this design immediately.
  2. I actually moved the whole thing to the left a bit and up one space. I didn't leave enough room for my east ventilation shaft, so I'm gonna shift everything to the left slightly. Also raising it one block makes better pathing for the dupes. But yeah, its a really easy, really nice and optimized design I found while looking up farming.
  3. Yes, as you can see I have a massive food surplus. I've actually put my farming station at priority 1 because of it. I got rather lucky and had bristle blossoms spawn all around my starting location. My base still needs some cleaning up, but it is a lot better than my first attempt. My old power grid and pipe layout was a mass of utility spaghetti. I'm doing my best to keep ahead of that particular folly this time around.
  4. I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I bought this game back in the early access age. Had a bit of fun, then put it aside. Years later I just picked it up and ran with it. Survival difficulty on Terra. What could go wrong? I didn't look up any guides... at first. I explored, designed, learned mechanics... it was fun! There hadn't been ruins when I'd played back in the day, and I had a ball discovering them and shoving my favorite dupe into the giant brain chair. The text had said something about being teleported underground, so I spent most of my exploratory diggers upwards. I figured once I'd hit topside it would be smooth sailing, and the problem was getting to it. I'd seen screenshots of some asteroid in space, but... I'd seen a rocket in the tech tree, so I figured you'd at some point get to make a meteor base or something similar. Boy was that the wrong take. Problems slowly cropped up, resources dwindled, heat built, and I still didn't see any end in sight. Finally I did more research. Turns out I needed plastic, so I needed crude oil, so I should have been digging downwards this whole time. I threw myself into it, coming into more roadblocks on the way. My dupes mostly subsided on fried mush bars before I realized bristleberries were the way to go, and then even then I didn't really know the best way to farm them optimally in my cramped base. By the time I was setting up oil refineries, things were bad. Heat was getting to a point where my crops were failing, but I was convinced I just needed plastic for an aquatuner steam turbine combo like I'd seen and I'd be good. Tensions were high, the game was on fast forward. I had no idea what rooms were, and figured my dupes could just get on with it. Before long I was installing grates in the floor to drain all the constant stress vomit. It got so bad that dupes would starve to death vomiting while the base was on yellow alert. Eventually I got things set up, to find out that my crappy copper buildings were melting from the heat of the oil I was trying to refine. At that point I pretty much gave up. I postponed my colony longer by going into debug mode and replacing my buildings with steel ones, but that just left me with a hollow feeling of undeserved success. And my dupes weren't exactly happy for it either, I stretched it out to cycle 500 on my sweltering vomit-filled hell pit. Eventually giving up after trying to set up solar panels and finding even more problems needing solutions I had no time for. So... I started over. My new colony is named Titan. I made it on a frozen meteor which has a subsurface ocean trait. I didn't even notice the traits the first time around, but this combo rather amused me. And my god... the difference is real. I've been building tall corridors, leaving spaces for doors, building maintenance shafts ahead of time to place heavy cable, and optimizing farms. I use actual rooms, and something happened that made me double-take and zoom in on one of my dupes. I thought something was wrong with their face... they were smiling. A big, cheesy smile as they worked fertilizing my crops, jumping about on my upwards arrow of crop optimization layout I'd seen earlier. I'd never seen dupes smile before. Its cycle 73 now, I've hit the oil biome and started work on a pipeline up to my base. I hit a natural gas geyser on my way down, which should do me no end of good as well. The frozen rock was super easy after what I'd been through. After my long experience fighting temperature, I knew every way to generate heat. My only struggle was growing thimble reed, but after I found a cool steam geyser, piping in the hot water solved that problem. Things are looking up for this colony. And once I have things running like a clock, I might move on to an ocean meteor next.
  5. At the start of the game you can nullify rain completely with straw hat, pretty parasol, and standing under a tree. Make sure you do this near a firepit and have plenty of food. I had to restart a couple of times until I could handle rain. You can also set chess to more, kite rooks into knights and bishops, and rapidly outheal the damage with the butt load of gears you get on day 1, but thats another thing.