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move speed:1.2

1.Wili has 5% chance to kill the enemy when she attack.

2.Wili can blink to the target when she use close-in weapons attack.

3.Wili has 35% chance to dodge the attack.

4.Night viewing

5.Wili's sanity reduce slow, but she can't recovery when she pick up flowers;

6.Wili's temperature change rate is two times more than others, but she can bear more damage when it's cold or hot.

7.Wili can't make friends with pig-man, bunny-man and rocky.

Exclusive Weapon:Silver Moon Scimitar

1.The scimitar has 1% chance produce a gem when use it attack.

2.It will never be damaged.

Author's words:

English is not my first language, so if you can not understand Wili's features, just point it out.

Code part made by Nanaya Master. Email:826010478@qq.com

Art part made by INN. Email:774045241@qq.com

If you are a Chinese, you can use Chinese version.


What's New in Version 1.0


  • My first mod.
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