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    Name:Wili health:70 hungry:100 sanity:120 move speed:1.2 1.Wili has 5% chance to kill the enemy when she attack. 2.Wili can blink to the target when she use close-in weapons attack. 3.Wili has 35% chance to dodge the attack. 4.Night viewing 5.Wili's sanity reduce slow, but she can't recovery when she pick up flowers; 6.Wili's temperature change rate is two times more than others, but she can bear more damage when it's cold or hot. 7.Wili can't make friends with pig-man, bunny-man and rocky. Exclusive Weapon:Silver Moon Scimitar 1.The scimitar has 1% chance produce a gem when use it attack. 2.It will never be damaged. Author's words: English is not my first language, so if you can not understand Wili's features, just point it out. Code part made by Nanaya Master. Art part made by INN. If you are a Chinese, you can use Chinese version.