Neo Cortex DST 1.1.4

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Edit: Instability issue is mostly fixed. Blaster should be fully functional. He still drops the weapon when out of ammo. But you should be able to retrieve your weapon once you get ammo again since invisibily has been fixed.

Taking a break from fnaf mods. Since there is a crash mod. I felt like there was something missing. Neo Cortex, the villian from the crash bandicoot series. I always loved him in the series and needed to mod him in :D

health: 120

hunger: 150

sanity: 200

He hits like a little girl, but runs fast. Cortex also comes with his trusty blaster, and is able to craft ammo for it out of charcoal, and nitre. He also has some custom dialogue.

Warning, don't lose your blaster. It is one of a kind and can't be crafted, only it's ammo. Make sure you have blaster ammo in your inventory before picking it up or cortex will drop the gun. Each time you craft some ammo, it should give you five. It stacks up to 40.

Each shot does the damage of a tentacle spike. However since Cortex has low damage multiplier. It takes 3 shots to kill a spider. It's best to conserve ammo on mostly non-enemies. Ammo runs out pretty fast.

Next update: Custom ghost, Uka Uka, map icon for blaster, ammo crates and turn cortex's smile into a upside down frown.

Big Portrait art is made by Kina

Sprite art, and everything else done by me.

Feel free to give suggestions with anything. Balance, items, or anything.

Any bugs or crashing issues?

To make sure I can fix it, please report it in comments with your log file (C:/users/documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/log) Link me to a screen shot of it located near the bottom of it using gyazo, DA stash, dropbox, photobucket, etc.

What's New in Version 1.1.4


  • Cortex's ghost was slightly edited to be less girly. Blaster does not turn invisible on the ground anymore. Blaster's container function removed and should not cause anymore crashing.

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awesome man, cortex is one of my favorite villains from crash series, please make tiny tiger form crash bandicoot 2/3, or even dingodile from crash 3, and last but not least a cool character to make would be ripper roo or crunch

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