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A character for Don't Starve Together!

This is my first character! Hope you like it! This character isn't 100% done, the things I do want to make will be covered on my to-do list in the description.


Hunger - 150

Health - 200

Sanity - 100


*Has stumpy legs (makes him slightly slower)

*Endures cold, hates the heat (he won't freeze to death during the winter but takes considerable damage went burned)

*Not a picky eater (not adversed to spoiled food or monster meat)


*Improve the character art (I think I can make the art a bit cleaner in my opinion

*more dialogue lines (I inserted a few lines for trees and other things but Wilson's dialogue is the basis for most of it.

*Character balancing (I wanted to add a feature to upgrade him with living logs but for now I'm putting that aside for now)

*Port to normal DS

*I am pretty sure this will not conflict with any other mods but if there are I'll try to see what I can do!

Link to the Steam Workshop Version Here:


What's New in Version 06/12/15 11:51 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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I'm not ready to fully rule out normal DS. I haven't looked into what it takes to port from DS to DST but I'll try. I'll put that on my list of priorities but I want to try to get the other stuff done first. But thanks for your input!

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One day we will have a weird but cool tree monster as a character in base dont starve maybe even RoG. But for now randall23 and all the other people will have to wait, along with me.

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