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Do you like hunting in Don't Starve Together? Do you like taking trips with your family and a ranged weapon and bagging the biggest thing you can find in a immediate radius of your home? Well then, if you said yes, then take a look at this mod!

Features include:

-Play as Mactusk!

-Use your blowdart to hunt from a distance!

-Go on daring hunting trips!


- Head is missing when you wear your Tam O' Shanter. Hard coded into DS, not sure if there's a fix.

So, what are YOU waiting for? Go on the best hunting trip of your DS life today with Mactusk!

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


  • Initial release.

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Sigh. K den. Still not impressed, make a playable ghost and I'll be.

You mean like a ghost ghost?  Like a enemy ghost?

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You should make a playable Depth Worm for DST. It would be EPIC!!!!!

Hehe, your wish just might be my command...

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