[DST] Working lureplants (Meat bulbs) 1.0

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Since the devs haven't fixed the loot drop yet I've decided to release this until they fix it.


Modifies the lureplants so that they drop the loot they have collected. Not only this but you have a few modifiers as well. Enjoy!

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I tried using this, but it is still buggy: even with infinite digestion time, some items don't drop out

i.e. tried using the lureplant to farm pigs, had exactly 3 meats, 1 pig skin and 3 birds. Killing the lureplant dropped all birds, the meaty leaf but no meat or skin...


Also tried stopping hounds with the lureplant - it replaced the mealy lure with monster meat, however after killing it (5 seconds after they died) the bait and other 3 meats (there were 4 hounds) we not dropped...


Also, was the "chest mode" supposed to allow getting the plant's inventory without killing it?

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