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LadyAzure    311

I was thinking recently about purchasing DS for IPhone. I am on the fence about it. How well do controls on mobile work in comparison with the PlayStation 4? Is it easy? Also I wonder in general are there more bugs? Is there anyone willing to give an opinion who plays on PlayStation 4? Any help is appreciated. Thanks :)

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Alex2424    1

There are some bugs like if you kill glommer, not pick his flower and leave the game it shows this warning sign, also it just shows this warning sign when you try to open a saved game. But it is a good game, believe me I played it for 3 months on 1 of my worlds until I killed  glommer and not pick his flower then left the game. It’s showed this warning sign and they said they have devolopers looking into this but there’s no ETA (Estamated time of arrival) but I do suggest getting it because this game is great like the PS4 version 


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Yobodiver    0
Posted (edited)

I can only speak for the Droid version and it is horrible. For the record I have a Galaxy it's more than powerful enough and the screen is huge.

Maybe for the IOS it's better but I've tried using both the virtual joystick and the tap and move options and combat is impossible. I've been playing for about 2 weeks and as long as no one attacks, you'll be a happy little camper. But the moment anything monster tries to attack you, you WILL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH.

I've watched video after video about Kiting and the concept is very sound, if the controls worked. There is a noticeable lag when you move. Plus the moment you touch the virtual joystick, it moves in the opposite direction for a split second, thus making Kiting impossible. I've also tried to do it via tapping the screen without the joystick and that was a failure. 

It sucks to have spent hours building your camp, finally making a fridge and some farms so you're no longer going to starve, just to have a roving band of hell hounds attack and kill you. Plus trying to plant your gardens or bushes in any type of symmetrical scheme is impossible. After watching videos of mods and how people arrange their camps, I thought it was possible, but the controls are so horrid, you'll get frustrated. Everything is done one at a time. For example, In the computer version you can pick up all of your berries and hold them over the fire and they will cook one by one, on it's own. You have to literally click on each berry, click cook and do so for EVERY SINGLE BERRY! It's so irritating after watching youtube videos of people cooking and making things super fast.

I haven't heard of an update since last year (I could be wrong) so I don't think they are concerned about fixing the issue with the controls. This game is coming out for the switch in 2 days so I'm guessing all their efforts are tied up with that. What makes this game so much fun is that it's portable on our phones. I would consider buying a Nintendo Switch if the battery lasted longer than 2-3 hours (based on which game you play). 

I am trying to give you and other potential buyers an honest assessment of this game before buying it. I got it on sale for .99 cents and for that it was worth it. But I wouldn't have paid full price for it. Good luck.

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Wanted to add type of Droid device for compasison

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lostboy.exe    8

You already own a far superior version on the PS4. If you absolutely have to play it mobile, install a PS4 Remote Play client on your phone and pair a controller. You've have a much better experience and a copy of the game that actually gets updates.

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