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  1. I know about them at. It’s just I had a bug on don’t starve Pocket Edition
  2. When I was playing don’t starve Pocket Edition I killed glommer but forgot to pick his flower and I saved and quited. Now when I try to load the game it shows this warning sign! Please try to reply and I know about the ETA is not known but I just loved your games and I hope that you can consider replying back to let me know if you’s can fix it, also on side note it’s not only me, 3 people also had to deal with it and there may be more. I don’t want your game to have a bad review I love your games but this promblem really bothers me Becaue it was on my day 393 world, please consider fixing it. I was using an IPhone SE and I do not know what other info I need to give to help you’s. Hope that you’s can fix it.
  3. Wait for wolves the red or blue ones may have some gems