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Seeking Friend Looking for A New Start

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Silentdarkness1    1,106

I've got a modded server queued up, but finding someone to play it with can prove to be rather troublesome.

So anyone who's interested in a nice, fun time on a modded cooperative server, let me know and i'll be happy to share contact details and such with you. We can see about playing together. It's only coming up to the end of Day 1 atm, so there's plenty of time to help build, craft, plan and survive together.

It is modded, but I tried to focus merely on removing certain irritating parts of the gameplay, and going for something a bit less stressful.

For those who have extreme aversions to certain mods, here is the mod list:


Multi Rocks

Modded Skins

Monster Healthbars

Additional Equipslots

AFK Detection

Alternative Spells

Automatic Health Adjust

Birdcage Feather Drop

Booster Plus

Configurable Diggable and Craftable Reeds

Configurable Marble Shrubs

Craftable Killer Beehive

Damage Indicators

Deluxe Campfires 2.11

Don't Starve Dolls(Standalone)

Enhanced Houndius Shootius

Fishing Buddy

Global Positions

Hambat Damage Holding

Health Regeneration

Ice Maker 3000

More Inventory

More Storage V2

Multiple Harvest Farms



Take Your Time

Throwable Spears

Tweak Those Tools, Re-Tweaked!

Your Rules! [dev]

The following are Client Mods I use. Only one is required to play properly.

Craft Pot

Dusk and Night Music

Geometric Placement

Gesture Wheel

Item Info

Map Controls Removal(You need this one. The More Inventory Mod makes the Map Controls button cover up your equip slots.)

Mods In Menu

Status Announcements

If this interests you, just throw a post. Recommendations welcome.

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HoneyTabby    23

I'm in, but that is an excessive amount of mods, but idk what most of them do, you'd have to run me through what they all do

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Silentdarkness1    1,106

Well, this is going to be a fairly long post. I'll spoiler this. There are some new ones I have plans for too, which are also listed.


Multi-Rocks: All rocks mine like Ice, giving drops constantly as it is mined, but it takes longer to mine.

Modded Skins: Allows custom skins for modded characters. I may turn that off since there aren't any custom characters.

Monster Healthbars: All creatures get healthbars on the top of the screen.

Additional Equipslots: It's obvious. Amulet and Backpack slots.

AFK Detection: Allows for AFK.

Alternative Spells: Revamps the Fire and Ice Staff to be far more effective, giving them strong AOE power.

Automatic Health Adjust: Scales monster HP based on number of players.

Announce Important Cooperation Actions: Makes announcements when something important happens in Coop.

Birdcage Feather Drop: Occasionally, a Birdcage with a bird in it will drop a feather.

Booster Plus: Allows modification of the Booster Shot, including recipe and effectiveness.

Configurable Diggable and Craftable Reeds: Dig up reeds and re-plant them. Optionally they can be crafted and placed.

Configurable Marble Shrubs: Modifications to the effectiveness of farming marble using Marble Beans/Shrubs/Pillars/Trees.

Craftable Killer Beehive: Craft a Killer Bee Hive. For defense.

Carnassial Teeth: More monsters drop teeth.

Damage Indicators: Bouncy numbers that happen when someone takes a hit.

Don't Starve Dolls: Make cute little dolls of DS characters.

Enhanced Houndius Shootius: Configurable Houndius Shootius, to make it more or less effective.

Custom Regrowth Time: Modify the time it takes for things to regrow in game world.

Fishing Buddy: Modify the effectiveness of fishing mechanics. Including the number of fish per pond, and rod uses.

Global Positions: See where other players are at all times.

Hambat Damage Holding: Until the Hambat completely falls apart, it's damage remains at the same value it would be at if it was fresh.

Health Regeneration: All players regenerate a little health at the beginning of every day. Configurable.

Sleepy Time: Modify the effectiveness of sleeping via tents and bedrolls.

Ice Maker 3000: A port of the SW item. Produces Ice over time.

Leafy Meat Crockpot Ingredient: Leafy Meat can be used as a crockpot ingredient.

More Inventory: Increases inventory slots somewhat, to 26-ish.

Super Abigail and Wendy!: A rebalancing mod for Abigail and Wendy. Configurable.

Mining Pigs: Befriended pigmen can mine rocks.

More Storage V2: Increases the size of chests/backpacks/chester, so on and so forth. Customizable.

Multiple Harvest Farms: Allows a farm to be harvested multiple times per planting.

Notebook: Write down some notes in a notebook.

PartyHUD: See all players' health on your screen at all times.

Repairable Fur Roll: Sewing Kit will repair Fur Roll.

Take Your Time: Modifies the flow of the game. Days can be made slower, as well as anything else time-related in the game. Configurable.

Throwable Spears: Throw Spears to hunt with. Configurable.

Tweak Your Tools, ReTweaked!: Modify the durability of everything with durability. Highly configurable.

Your Rules!: Various tweak options that can be made to make the game easier. Configurable.

Wall Health Regen: Walls have much more health, and can slowly regenerate their HP. Configurable.

Craft Pot: When using the Crockpot, a crafting menu of sorts shows up, showing all recipes that can be done.

Dusk and Night Music: Adds music to the game when working at Dusk and Night, across all seasons.

Geometric Placement: Adds a geometric grid to aid with placing items.

Gesture Wheel: Use a radial wheel to select gestures.

Item Info: See detailed tooltips of all equipment and food, including Armor HP, spoil time and more.

Map Controls Removal: Removes map button. Needed.

Mods in Menu: Modded characters can show up at the main menu.

Status Announcements: Alt-clicking on most HUD elements will announce an important thing about it to players.

This is all negotiable, really, minus a few ones that are needed for an easier sequence. Feel free to PM me, and i'll give you my Steam contact details.

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HoneyTabby    23

I'd recommend for the health bar mod to replaced with the health info mod and I recommend adding the food value or what ever it's called, cause it also shows important facts like damage, uses left, and some other facts

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Silentdarkness1    1,106

I prefer bars over just numbers. Looks a lot nicer that way.

Also Item Info does what Food Values does, and more. Let's discuss this in PM.

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HoneyTabby    23

My steam name is HoneyTabby so we can chat over steam, and my discord is also HoneyTabby if you wanna talk over discord instead 

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