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Improve Force Attack in Coop mode

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Deilan    17

It is suggested to improve force attack leveraged by using keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F by default) in Coop mode (or more generally in non-PVP modes).

As a starting point I suggest to not autoattack by Ctrl+F:

  • Walls
  • Wendy's Abigail
  • Maxwell's Shadow Minions
  • Wes' Baloons
  • Any follower of any player (unless they are agro on you)
  • Not frozen and not sleeping birds

Of course Ctrl+LMB on any mob/structure should order to attack it as usual.

P. S. I guess there are some modes, which try to do some similar stuff, but it would be good to have that as internal game capabilities, 'cause mods tend to broke the game, became outdated, etc.

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