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  1. Crash because of memory leaks

    @imsomony, BTW, is this option still changes something in the game?
  2. Crash because of memory leaks

    @imsomony, Yes, I indeed had this option. Should I disable it or a fix is already there?
  3. Has a server host, which is also a client, and 2 additional clients - all on LAN. The game crashed in about an hour after the start because all memory has become consumed by the game. 8 Gb RAM, shutdown almost everything else but the game. Looks like a memory leaks to me. See logs. crash-by-memory-leak.zip
  4. Crashing from time to time

    Verified the game cache, reinstalled the game - didn't help. The crashes happen very often, I'm unable to play. Playing without mods.
  5. Crashing from time to time

    Here's logs with disabled mods. client_log.txt client_log_2017-03-28-20-50-05.txt
  6. 100+ day, started to crash from time to time. 3 clients out there, the rest 2 are fine. We use the following mods: ActionQueue, Wormhole icons, Geometric Placement. Attached Logs. client_log_2017-03-25-18-20-29.txt client_log_2017-03-25-18-13-28.txt client_log_2017-03-25-22-57-16.txt client_log_2017-03-25-22-53-18.txt client_log_2017-03-25-22-33-35.txt client_log_2017-03-25-22-26-29.txt
  7. 1. Can't move items out of Chester using keyboard Shift+LMB if he was recently under control of a different player character. 2. Perishable items in Chester don't display theirs' spoilage stage until picked up. This is a very old bug, wonder this is still not mentioned neither fixed. I remember it being reproduced even in the beta stage.
  8. Pretty sure you're aware of it, but nevertheless. We're awaiting for it to be resolved very much.
  9. Beefalo sleeping all day

    I also confirm.
  10. The game starts to lag after a couple of hours of playing. Already tried the different options: -threaded_physics, -threaded_render and even -alternate_gc. If one disconnect and connect again, the lags dissapear, but return again after a couple of hours.
  11. Explored maps are not synchronized by Steam accross different devices (Windows, Mac).
  12. @Zillvr, thank you very much for the detailed explanation! Finally encountered some treeguards in several games, so no worries here.
  13. Playing with friends for about 70 days. Chop trees from time to time, but haven't seen even a single treeguard so far. Game config: enabled caves, the rest is default. No mods enabled. What may be wrong? How can we assert that this is only a matter of probability?
  14. Greetings! Congratulations with the recent release, which all we waited for a long time. I like to play DST with my friends. And I found the map sharing and global players indicators as the highly requested feature. I know that this is not a feature of the vanilla game, but there is an excellent and very popular mod, which provides the corresponding functionality. Unfortunately, according to the mod's author @rezecib, map sharing became broken at some point of game development because of some changes in the game's core if I understood correctly. And it still remains not fixed. Again, according to the author, there is not a very big change needed to make map sharing working... Dear devs, please make the corresponding fixes to the game's core so that map sharing become able to work again! Especially if it is not a very big deal... Perhaps not many players write about it here on the forums, but rest assured that this is a very requested feature. Many users of the mod ask about availability of the feature for very long time! Even though the author clearly noted the details about the unavailability of the feature on the mod's page. As for me and my friends: we stopped playing the game some time ago mostly due to the fact that the map sharing is broken. And we hoped that it will be fixed at some point near the release of the game. But the game has been released and map sharing is still not there... Make us happy! Thanks in advance.
  15. Stack Repeater

    Very handy mod, @Blueberrys! Thanks for that! Why don't you upload it to the Steam Workshop? Would you kindly add the same feature for crafting? Sometimes it is needed to craft a lot of boards or cut stones for example.