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Two Separate Volt Goat Herds Can Merge Into One Volt Goat Herd

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Although I'm a player on Steam, I have a friend who plays on PS4 with a similar issue. This probably also affects Xbox/Xbone, but I don't own nor know anyone who has DST on that platform. Below is a copy paste from steam bug report, located here.

Two separate volt goat herds can merge into one herd when herd merging conditions are met, similar to how beefalos can merge herds together. The difference is that Volt Goat herds can't make new herds (and shouldn't), while Beefalo herds can. This effectively removes a herd not because the player killed that herd, but b/c the herd population was low and close enough for herd merging mechanics to be executed.

Not 100% sure why but I can make an educated guess. This may be in relation to Game Update 280490, targeted towards these specific bug fixes:

  On 8/2/2018 at 5:19 PM, V2C said:
  • Fixed bug causing Baby Beefalo to sometimes split from their herd when fully grown.
  • Fixed bug preventing herds from merging properly.

This is a copy paste I what I thought was the issue from the last bug report, so again, take it with a grain of salt as I'm not confident in my lua comprehension.

  On 10/6/2018 at 10:31 PM, lakhnish said:

The three luas to compare were lightninggoatherd.lua, beefaloherd.lua, and herd.lua 

The issue is in herd.lua in terms of the the merging of herds, specifically the function Herd:OnUpdate(). In that function is self:MergeNearbyHerds(), which can merge herds together if they fulfill the merge criteria. What differentiates beefalos from lightning goats is that beefaloherd.lua can make new herds while lightninggoatherd.lua cannot (and they shouldn't be able to either). Since the lightning goats now merge from two herds into one herd, we permanently lose that herd when in theory we shouldn't since they can't make new herds.

... This is my previous bug report [on steam bug report] in case it was missed. [It also contains a video of herd merging, starting at the 2:00 minute mark].


Steps to Reproduce
Given that this is console, can't really use commands (that I know of) to replicate it. Instead, have a world where it is very clear that there are two separate volt goat herds that are fully populated. For one herd, kill all but one goat and let that goat get close enough to the other herd. After some time has passed for when that lone goat's herd should have repopulated, see that it has not, signaling that a herd merger has occurred. These were the steps taken to reproduce on steam though, in case that gives a clearer image/directions. Method 1) If a world upon creation shows it has two lightninggoatherds with c_countprefabs("lightninggoatherd"), spam c_gonext("lightninggoatherd") and see that if the goats are close enough and aren't fully populated herds, they merge into one herd. Method 2) In an actual IRL scenario, wait for the herds to populate to about full capacity if there are two herds (I LongUpdated to speed up the process). Kill all but one goat in one herd, see that there is still two herds until you chase the lone goat to the other goat herd. See that the total lightninggoatherd has reduced to one via countprefabs("lightninggoatherd").

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