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Stuck at "Server is Generating World"

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When I set Land Branch to [NEVER] and Land Loop set to [ALWAYS] on caves, your game will be on loop with "server is generating world"! You can not do anything but force your game to close to fix this.

I let the game run for 25+ to see if it will let me in eventually, but nothing happened. The strange thing is after the (227) update, when you force close and then come back to the Host Games, you will see the world is already created and its on day 2 or 4 for some reason!! You can not access the world, when you try to enter you will get the ""Launching the server"" and then stuck at the same thing "Server is Generation World".


I thought this is me problem, but I asked my friends to test this, they always have the same result.


Steps to Reproduce

Everything is default except... Land Branch set to [NEVER] and Land Loop set to [ALWAYS] on caves.

User Feedback

Are you using a default or a large world? I've been trying with both; on large it seems to always complete eventually, default has about a 50/50 chance of getting hung up. Unfortunately this is a problem in the PC game as well, this combination of setting seems to be particularly troublesome in smaller sized worlds and can hang the game on Steam as well. I'll pass it along to the team.

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Oops, sorry it was right there and I missed it.
I'll update this when they get to it but for now you'd best avoid that combination of settings, or have patience for a lot of retries.

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