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spring gets skipped when set to random

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so i decided to try setting all seasons to 'random' and the game mode to 'wilderness' to see how long i could survive. but each and every "year" in my dst server completely skips spring. and i don't mean it is just really short, i mean it goes from a snow-covered, blue-tinted world where i need a heated thermal stone to a yellow-tinted world overheating me with that same thermal stone the very next morning.

the bees in my bee boxes and in the wild never turn to killer bees either. i even logged out on the first day after winter just to make sure and the server said 'early summer'. i double checked my setting to make sure it was on random as well. so far i have gone through about 10-11 cycles and it goes from winter to summer each time.

Steps to Reproduce
set all seasons to random, set game mode to wilderness. (i played alone as wickerbottom.)

User Feedback

Hi hkhm,

I'm sorry to tell you that this particular world will never see springtime's gentle sunshine, or any of its less gentle offerings.

The "random" length of each season is selected when the world is created and the same "random" value is used each year. In your case it seems that spring got a length of zero days, which isn't so great. There isn't anything  to be done about it short of generating a new world. 

Oh, and the Wilderness game mode had no influence on this. Seasons operate the same way in all modes

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ah, thanks for the reply. i knew that the season length was set at world generation but this is the first time i have set both random seasons and a wilderness start. and, wouldn't you know it, i made a new world with the same presets and even though the other seasons are different lengths, it is skipping spring in this new world too.

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