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Small lag issues here and there

John DOH
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I have small issues with lag here and there. For example when I catch butterflies the net goes through the full animation but the butterfly isn't caught until a second later, doors take the same extra second to close, chopping trees seem to chop slower even if you click slightly fast, and the most painful one is when hitting an enemy at point blank range AND standing still sometimes the melee doesn't make contact. All while being offline mode to try and mitigate lag (if possible). Not trying to sound like a ******, its just the little things that mess with the experience. PLEASE help this fan in his endeavor to play this awesome game in a lag free zone.

Steps to Reproduce
I was just going about my normal farming and fighting experience and noticed DST seems to lag when executed actions or not making contact with mobs when fighting. All I ask is to please help purge this game of lag. This is my only concern.

User Feedback

I had a similar issue, it could be that you have too much items lying around in your base. I noticed that the items on the floor had this weird shaking animation, i think this is what causing the lag. i collected all the stuff lying around my base place it in chest and the lag is gone.

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Yeah i found the same thing jesuisralph. My base has over 25 lanters, over 20 various hats, over 15 spider hats, piles of silk n spider glands, a lot of tools n weapons lying around, a pig farm with over 20 pigs out of there houses continuously, a gecko farm with 200-300 grass in pen.

As soon as i got close to base i felt it "lag". The screen was slightly shaky, movement felt like it was at 80 speed. Occasionally i would "rubber band" like crazy, often and especially near my pigs durring a hound wave. I was playing solo as well. I moved a lot of stuff to the caves, or chest it improved a lot.  Someone on one of these forums called it rendering lag.

If u have played Don't Starve you will notice a big difference after playing Don't Starve Together. Movement is very crisp or exact. It is my fav game of all time, but for a seemingly simple game it doesn't seem to handle too much stuff going on and suffers badly from lag. 

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