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[PS4] No Varg and Ewecus are spawning (again)

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This bug was fixed a while ago but it seems within the last updates it's impossible for me to find a ewecus . I have a 300 days server but I cant get any ewcuses to spawn. I followed like 10 suspicious dirt piles and I got none! At first I thought I was just unlucky but after 10 tries I don't think it's just me being unlucky.

Steps to Reproduce
Try to find a ewecus or varg!

User Feedback

A few weeks ago I joined a group from here on their server, they were 700+ days with no Ewecus or Varg... I got one for them in 15 mins of playing. I followed a dirt pile which was Koelafant, but immediately followed another one that appeared & that was the Ewecus. Try follow a another dirt pile straight away after following the first if it's available. Good luck.

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Hm I'll try to find two that are close to each other that's kinda hard Formen sind they are pretty rare in my world . I have no idea why

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