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  1. If you own Steam version of Shipwrecked, you can use the key to unlock it. You have to choose though if you want to unlock it on the PC version or console version, as the key is a one time use only. I have it on PS4 as well.
  2. Yeah... I can only see the Winona skin. None of the other characters skins from last year are anywhere to be found??
  3. I'm tempted to leave a comment here about Shipwrecked breaking RoG with the "caving = season change" bug as well as season changes after being in the volcano... O.o
  4. Just tried to open 3 x cave entrances on a 19 day old world... All 3 were blocked with a vine/root type thing after I mined away the sinkhole plug thing. Exited out & re-logged... caves were now open. Haven't had chance to test what others have reported about game crashing after being in caves for approx. 5 min though.
  5. Didn't even spot that on the original map O.o But yeah, no desert or deciduous biomes generated... You need desert for tumbleweeds!
  6. 2 Goose Goose so close is a gift... A mommy & daddy, just kill them quickly! Edit: I know I typed a M by the first Goose... Auto correct changes it all the time??
  7. Those grey looking trees just up from the spiders are the start of trees turning into a petrified forest... they'll give you plenty of nitre & rocks as the petrification spreads. Also plant additional trees in various biomes... I planted 40 trees in the savannah part in the desert, wasn't long before it petrified!
  8. Frog rain + hounds + spiders + killer bees = Lag out the Wazoo!!
  9. He can spawn any day in Winter... It's just the first winter is always on day 30, thereafter I've had him spawn last day & first day in subsequent winters. It's not a bug & what would the fun be if everything was so predictable to an exact day? Be prepared at all times!! ;P
  10. A few weeks ago I joined a group from here on their server, they were 700+ days with no Ewecus or Varg... I got one for them in 15 mins of playing. I followed a dirt pile which was Koelafant, but immediately followed another one that appeared & that was the Ewecus. Try follow a another dirt pile straight away after following the first if it's available. Good luck.
  11. Does Klei even bother looking at DS:RoG/SW bug tracker anymore?? More people should post here, since they focus on DST only it seems. I posted about the season change shortly after SW was released on PS4 last year & diddly squat has come of it... SW is bugged as hell too. C'mon guys, give some love to the original content since you're about to release it broken in the Mega Pack Retail version!!
  12. Mild overheating can happen the first few days into Autumn if you have a thermal stone equipped & are near heat sources... But there is definitely a bug where seasons change when caving. Even going into the cave for a few segments of the in game day can change the season. I doubt they'll give these bugs the attention they need though... They're too busy with Don't Starve Together content/bugs to go back to RoG. It's quite sad & wrong though, I mean they're releasing retail disk copies soon of the Mega Pack & both RoG & Shipwrecked have serious broken mechanics.
  13. Pengulls not spawning as days progress is a known issue, also on PC... I've seen the patch notes for the PC where the current Beta testing is addressing this issue as well as glacier puddles that'll will dry up. These will all make their way to us in due course.
  14. Check that you did not possibly set him to "none" when you were generating the world as a start point. He would've/should've spawned in your second Autumn (day 71) unless you were in the caves at the time. Maybe you didn't hear him for some reason & he's in your world in some remote part that you don't frequent. Remember that he does not despawn at the end of Autumn, but just goes into hibernation till the next Autumn & there's no warning sound he makes when coming out off that. This will make you think that he's not spawning every Autumn.