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Playing DST on ps4

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If have bin watching the new beta and must say it not bringing my joy to play on ps4 anymore I'll explain.

I don't mind that there is no mods, I do mind the fact that there's a lot of differences between pc an console like using staffs or the kiting system.

Now with the new beta you removed farms, removed the ability to give normal crops to the bird for seeds, removed the way of refreshing eggs.

The eggs I used to make fresh foods for wigfrid, I like bacon and eggs. I'm adjusting my playstyle but now it looks like you really don't want me to megabase on the ps4 anymore, I hope you consider the fact that there is already a way harder playstyle and I personally like to stream this game after work to have fun, I'm already busy trying to do it all now it seems I need to gather foods all day for friend that are drop in my game and are not that familier with all the mechanics of DST. Can I plz enjoy this game. Don't mind wildfires, diseases, restrains and so on just really don't see the point of not beeing able to refresh my foods. Think about this I challenge you to p!at the game on a ps4 for a month a see the already massive hardness in comperison to the pc. Hope you still love all your supporters and don't ruin the game with this newest beta. 

Steps to Reproduce

Play the game on a ps4 for a month make a mega base and invite friends that want to try DST, you see what I mean.


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User Feedback

I'm also a ps4 player and what you are reporting isnt really a bug. If you are constantly needing to refresh eggs then how are you unable to feed others? Does that not mean you have an overabundance of food? What does eggs have to do with mega basing? If you have too many eggs then just use a bundling wrap. Use your eggs to befriend pigs and get more meat. I have a mega base and although I play solo I make so much excess food it all spoils before I can even use it and most of it is automatic! Bunnymen+ 5 spider dens is 15+ monster meat a day, 8 bee hives is 48 honey a day (summer and early autumn), 30 berry bushes (30 berries every 3-4 days execept winter), 20 stone fruit bushes (about 40 stone fruit evey other day) , 14 mushroom planters and 20 pig men houses (with monster meat from hounds mounds I get 10-40 meat every four days by turning them to werepigs). You need to manage your food better. Turn your meat to jerky before turning it into an egg to preserve it longer. 

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