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Opening and closing containers over and over again

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Had a game with some friends last night, every now and then one of us would get stuck in a loop where their character keeps opening and closing a container (chest/icebox/saltbox) over and over again. Pressing X or O didn't stop it, moving away from the chest would sometimes stop the loop, but often the character would move back to the chest and keep opening/closing it. 

Also had a similar issue when trying to pick up objects off the ground (especially if there are many objects lying around) The character would get stuck in a "picking up" animation that repeated over and over without actually picking up the object. 

Steps to Reproduce

- playing in a world created before the update

- try to open ice box/chest

- the character gets stuck in a loop

(this doesn't always happen, maybe once every 1-2 days, not sure what is triggering it)

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Future patch pffttt we just got an update and there's no hotfix for this it's annoying I'm sick of trying to get out of the loop when I try to go grab something from my icebox I died because of it I couldn't get my dang meatballs out the ice box now that's sad please fix this asap I'd really appreciate it 

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Have had this bug quite regularly today, seems to stop when opening the menu and closing again occasionally but not all the time. Also had it get stuck in a loop that sent me into a lot of frogs over and over until I died. Makes the game pretty much unplayable. 

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hi , i have this problem to i see  the update 2.7 , but  i don't know if it was fixed or not :|.

and  i think if i walk to cobblestones road its be move by himself i cant control him :mad:

i hop to be fixed soon . 

klei thank you for you working ❤❤❤we appreciate that 

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Having the same issue.
1.While in a fight with klaus I kept glitching back to klaus repeatedly. Bloody annoying used up so much more resources and couldn’t kite at all. 

2. lit a tree on fire with a torch and then kept glitching back to the tree and the action was repeat couldn’t break out of the loop had to drop the torch 

3. picked up rocks and inventory was full got stuck in the action had to leave the game !!!!

 Please fix!!!

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