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  1. Oh really? I didn't expect that, but that's cool. Thank you!
  2. After an update like Troubled Waters comes out, do worlds that were made before the update start to get some of the new content over time, based on the world regrowth? For example, will the new Seaweed plants and Barnacles start to grow in the ocean?
  3. Thank you so much for all of these suggestions! I found another way that also worked: If you turn off "Target Locking" in the settings then you can stand next to the Big Tentacle and hit it, even though the "Attack" text doesn't show up.
  4. I recently went to fight a big tentacle in the caves. After hitting it the first time the option to "Attack" the Big Tentacle went away, I was only able to "Inspect" it. The "Attack" keeps targeting the baby tentacles and Hutch, but I am unable to hit the Big Tentacle at all. I left the caves and came back a few days later... still the same issue. (I was playing Wolfgang in Endless mode on PS4)
  5. I have been playing an Endless game with some friends, we die a lot and respawn at the Florid Postern frequently. I am playing Woodie and recently I was transformed when I died and now, as the Goose Ghost, I am not able to haunt or interact with anything, this includes the Florid Postern and so I am not able to respawn. I have tried to disconnect and restart the game, but it's still the same.