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  1. Do you mean that I should count every time I hear the sound of him eating one of the woven shadows and do the math in my head? That's Awesome! If more of the bosses had indicators like that, then there would be less need for health bars. I would still like the option though.
  2. Ha ha ha! What I mean is that you were doing better than you thought you were.
  3. Unfortunately, in most cases if you die or run away then you will never know that you were actually so close. So you will not have that hilarious experience, you will just think "I was not good enough" but you won't know that you were actually doing really well. Yes Exactly! I have been trying FuelWeaver over and over again for the last few days. I wish I could see if my skills are improving. I think I am getting close to killing him.. but I really can't tell. I don't want to give up and use a bunch of catapults.. but I am feeling very hopeless at the moment.
  4. Yes Exactly! Maybe if they can't do health bars they could have some visual indicator that the boss is at low health. At least for the big ones.
  5. Please give us the option to turn on Health Bars for the Bosses. I know that there are mods for this on PC, but those of us playing on console can't use mods. ------- Some of the bosses in this game have so much health you literally have to spend days fighting them, and it's really discouraging when you're running low on resources, but you can't tell if it's worth it to keep fighting or to run. Or when you try a new weapon/strategy, you can't see if it's actually more effective or not. It's really difficult to get better at fighting something when you can't see any progress until you've completely killed it.
  6. I have been playing this game for almost a year now and every time I browse games on PS4 I see 2 or 3 Klei Official Servers for East coast, and sometimes even for Germany but I have never seen any for the West coast. Why is this? Surely there are lots of people on the West Coast that would like to play DST on Playstation? Can we please get some West side servers? The ping is often pretty bad on the East ones.
  7. Yes, I love using the chest skins! I'm so happy that we got the "Lovely Chest" recently. In my game with lots of people I use it to store healing items (so the items for your heart are in the heart-shaped box heh heh)
  8. Thank you Klei!! The Victorian Skins are gorgeous, love the new fences and walls!
  9. Leafy Meat is Awesome! Another good use for it is that you can feed it your bird for eggs! (trade for gold or make pierogi) It does take a little while to gather the bulbs though. I usually only find about 3 or 4 every Spring.. Maybe there would be more if there are lots of players on the server, I'm not sure.
  10. Thank you for all the help! I'm always reluctant to smash the pig houses, but I guess they aren't helping anyone out in the deepest corners of the big forest, so I will smash away. How many pig houses do you usually want to build for the pig farm?
  11. I did this once in a solo game, it was great! I will try to explain it to my team, hopefully we can set it up before the next full moon. Oh that's such a great combo, getting them to chop first then get the skins. Nice. Will try to get some marble suits too. Thanks!
  12. I've been playing DST by myself for a while, but recently I've had 4 friends join me for a weekly gaming session. They are all pretty new to the game, but they are starting to get the hang of things. I would like us to fight some bosses together. In my solo games I usually have multiple football helms and I use a hambat, but I'm really struggling to get helmets and hambats for a team of 5 people. Does anyone have some tips for equipping a big team of noobies? Should we just go in there with log suits and spears and hope for the best? (we don't have a Wigfrid btw)
  13. Oh I see! That's a shame.. well I guess it makes more sense actually. It would have been too easy to get the living logs I guess. Thanks so much!
  14. There used to be a way to make a Poison Birchnut totally stop attacking the player if you run away from it, then come back later. Is it still possible to do this trick in DST? I haven't been able to make it work. And does anyone know if it's time-based or distance-based? (how long/how far you need to go?)
  15. Yes! I had the same thing happen to me recently, also playing on PS4. For me it was during Monsoon season (I came over from a Hamlet world and it was already Monsoon season) The game would crash at least once per day. Maybe it has something to do with the rain? It makes Shipwrecked pretty much unplayable