Old worlds without toys, and skins problems

Marco BR
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I've been waiting all year for this event, and I have to say I'm extremely disappointed, my world has not received any toys, and since the event started I have won the weekly two week skins, and received nothing for Halloween, exactly nothing!

 Not even in the daily drops, could you please see what could be wrong?  It doesn't look like I'm at the event I've been waiting for all year...Take a look and see if it's not to discourage anyone, especially when you can't have access to any halloween skin without depending on the luck and goodwill of the game.

 I LOVE this game, but this time I come with all respect to say that you are making a lot of mistakes, you need to change this urgently


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Sadly I think you are just having very bad luck. I got survivor willow yesterday as my daily voltgoat wickerbottom as today’s daily and traded the rookiebot headpiece as well as lureplant costume




Aaand some warly Halloween pants but who cares. I have been really lucky these hallowed nights.

But the trinket thing is a bug. 

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