Not taking Don't Starve bugs anymore?

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I have an ongoing frustration from one of my Don't Starve ROG worlds on PS4. During the third world, I stopped getting giants so I jumped worlds after about 1,300 days. After a fall start, I got Moose Goose once, and then no giants for the next 200-plus days in World 4. I'm now three-quarters of the way through the first year of World 5 and - you guessed it -- I've had no giants. Should I just give up on this world slot? The game is kinda boring without giants.

Why is there no category on the bug tracker for regular Don't Starve? Are there no longer any bugs in Don't Starve? Congratulations to Klei, if that's the case. Would like to report my problem, though, in case there's hope that going to Shipwrecked and coming back, or jumping from Shipwrecked to ROG would restart the giants. Has anyone out there had any similar experience with giants that just stop appearing? Did you find a way to "fix" it and get your giants back? Thanks.

Steps to Reproduce
I have no steps to reproduce. The giants just quit spawning. I didn't have a game crash or anything weird that preceded them not spawning, so I wouldn't know how anyone could reproduce my problem. Sorry.

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