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  1. So I've been playing my ROG world, since I can't get to Shipwrecked, and I've noticed a new problem. I've had no ROG giants in 100 days. I'm going to try to jump world to see if they will start spawning again, but I've had this happen before and tried jumping worlds. They never start spawning again. they never do. Don't Starve and DST are the only Klei games I've purchased, and I'll never purchase another. There's apparently no bug tracker for regular Don't Starve or Reign of Giants. I never get a response on the problems I'm having, there are no updates and Klei apparently doesn't give a sh&t about the games it produces. Buggy or not, you guys just call it a day and move on to the next game to you can make more money and leave behind disgruntled players. There will always be new generations of players to p&ss off. I watch a lot of DS streams. Most of them are on Day 1 and dead by day 30. I wish someone at Klei cared about the people who have spent the time to really learn the game. (FWIW, I have followed all of the suggestions Sony has for that error code -- restarting, initializing, deleting the game and re--installing it, etc. Nothing has gotten me to SW or gotten giants to start spawning again.) To sum up my feelings about Klei, I'd just like to say this: Klei, you suck.
  2. I've been playing my merged Reign of Giants/Shipwrecked world for about six months. I have great bases in both worlds, and have enjoyed the game play so far. However, the game has crashed every time I have tried to go from ROG to SW. Most recently, I activated the Seaworthy on Day 1259 in ROG, I got the loading screen and then the game crashed. I re-started my PS4 and tried to load that world, which was then displayed on the screen listing my worlds as SW Day 831, but the game crashes instead of loading. I've tried six or eight times and it just will not load. I have my game saved on a USB drive, so I haven't lost it entirely, but I am going to be quite unhappy if I never get to my Shipwrecked world again. Please help. Because I am on PS4, I have no mods to disable and I am unable to look at the cache file. I wish you'd come up with a solution to this because I watch a lot of DS and/or SW streamers who are on PC and they seem to move back and forth with no problem. Shipwrecked has been out for years on PS4 at this point, and I'm surprised it's an issue (I'm still kind of salty that you released SW on console with so many bugs -- the same bugs it had when it was released on PC -- and then took what seemed like forever to issue fixes.) In any event, I would appreciate some advice. I have no files to attach because (1) I'm on PS4 and (2) what would I attach? A screen-shot of the PS$ "An error has occurred in the following application." The code displayed is CE-34878-0.
  3. I have an ongoing frustration from one of my Don't Starve ROG worlds on PS4. During the third world, I stopped getting giants so I jumped worlds after about 1,300 days. After a fall start, I got Moose Goose once, and then no giants for the next 200-plus days in World 4. I'm now three-quarters of the way through the first year of World 5 and - you guessed it -- I've had no giants. Should I just give up on this world slot? The game is kinda boring without giants. Why is there no category on the bug tracker for regular Don't Starve? Are there no longer any bugs in Don't Starve? Congratulations to Klei, if that's the case. Would like to report my problem, though, in case there's hope that going to Shipwrecked and coming back, or jumping from Shipwrecked to ROG would restart the giants. Has anyone out there had any similar experience with giants that just stop appearing? Did you find a way to "fix" it and get your giants back? Thanks.
  4. World randomly skipping seasons (still)

    Was it Shipwrecked that Sony announced as a spring 2016 release or was it Don't Starve Together? It doesn't really matter because NEITHER of them came out in spring 2016. As I said, I've purchased my last Klei game and no more plushies or hats either. It's just one thing after another. Marking this as "fixed" is a joke. It's not fixed until the patch is available for download. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.
  5. World randomly skipping seasons (still)

    I bought Shipwrecked on release day and Sony took my money on release day, so I find your "in due time" comment arrogant and offensive. I, too, have the problem of seasons skipping around when I go in and out of the caves. I'll go in in early fall, spend five real-time minutes picking light blubs in continuous rain (spring) and leave in winter (blue tint). The PS4 DS streamers I watch have the same problem if they've linked their ROG world with a Shipwrecked world. I used to be a huge fan of DS on PS4, but I couldn't be more disappointed in a game or in a game developer. I waited a long time for this game. It doesn't work properly, and Klei's lack of responsiveness tells me it doesn't really care. I'm pretty sure I've purchased my last Klei game.