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I’ve played for two days now, a few hours each day and haven’t received a single gift box. I have been receiving the daily gifts and the Valentine’s Day gift. However, I played on a dedicated server for 38 days yesterday and didn’t get a single item. Then I played on my own world with nearly default settings for about two hours and didn’t get a single cosmetic item. Today I played with four of my friends in one of my worlds, and watched as the all received gifts while I didn’t.  One of my friends unwrapped four gifts while we were playing and I received not a single one. He also got Shadow Armor for Wigfrid, which is my main character, and it sure made me a bit jealous/angry after having played for hours without receiving a single thing. I want to keep playing but I’m feeling a bit screwed over. I don’t know what the deal is but I would like to get more items because I play this game more than most and I am a huge fan of the game. Don’t Starve is in my top five favorite games of all time. Anyways, please send help! );

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Couple of questions to start:

Are you still receiving your daily gift when you log in?
Are you sure you haven't already received your 8 gifts for the week?


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I am receiving the daily login gifts, yes, but I was unaware of a cap on gifts you can receive while just playing the game. I’m guessing this doesn’t include the daily login gifts but you can only receive 8 gifts in-game per week? I was unaware of that if that’s the case. Sadly. It kind of disincentives me from playing because having played hundreds and hundreds of hours, already buying all your content & dlcs for the standalone don’t starve, buying DST on steam before it even reached console (I’m a console gamer at heart) just to experience a multiplayer Don’t Starve, I want them lovely skins. Having seen the base game so much, just a few skins can really change the look and almost feel of your world. Spending money on cosmetics just seems out of my wheelhouse a bit. However, drop a new character, new dlc, Hamlet hopefully, and my money is yours. I almost wish you had something implemented to reduce the drop rate of gifts but there wasn’t a cap. You can buy skins but you can’t buy that joy of a gift popping up in the top left of the screen with some mystery item inside it and you have to tell your friends you gotta go back to town to open it haha. Then you hear the collective “ooohs” and “ahhhhs” when something unexpected comes flying out! 

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