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Not getting presents while playing (It stop)

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So usually you would get presents for playing and surviving every 7 or so days. But I won't get those. I stop getting those presents after I got the "Snowfallen" Wendy sink if that has something to do with it. I do get daily login thought...... I found this really annoying. (Idk what I did, but it stop)

Steps to Reproduce

Idk what I did or how I did it. but I went into my day 78 sever and noticed it was day 96 and that I didn't get any presents, I thought maybe that sever of mine was bug so I went to my day 573 sever it's now day 605 on that sever, but everyone else on day 605 sever still gets those presents. (I think) Maybe it happened because I was playing the game so much and it couldn't keep track of everything that was happening. I can make a video of this happening if it would help.

Update: My sever that was on day 605 just now gave me a present, sorry for wasting your time. Good night/day

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