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I'm in completely disbelief and extremely upset!!!!!!

I loaded the game and I got this message:


It will NOT let me load my game, I recently JUST finished building my cave base!!!!

I'm not gonna delete my saved data and start over from ZERO, there's no way I'm losing all the progress because the game itself is beyond repair, it's really not my fault that the game has so many glitches, errors and issues.. I didn't use any hacks, mods or anything. It's not fair that players have to start over because the game is broken. 

I want someone to FIX this issue, there's no way I'll delete my saved, I can only imagine starting over and having this issue occurring to me all over again, no thanks! I know someone who deleted his saved data to start over only to have the same broken issues....

It took me a very long time to get to where i am in-game, solo bosses and build ground and cave bases all by myself. 

I'm beyond upset with all these issues with the PS4 version, there's ZERO fixes, ZERO improvements, everything is just broken and beyond repair.. I'm still getting stuck in cave loading when joining public servers, getting booted off server and getting crashes... 

Steps to Reproduce
Load the game to get this lovely surprise

User Feedback

On 5/11/2017 at 9:26 AM, NoscopeFelix said:

I read on their twitter that they are trying to fix this bug! Not sure if you already knew that.

I haven't seen any recent tweet from them about fixing this issue. The save file is corrupted, it won't even let me do anything... i tried to put it on a usb and delete to start over but there was not even an option to upload the saved files. I had to delete everything, i had a PS plus backup from months ago... which set me back to day 700s with so much to do, i decided to delete and just play hosted servers, start a random public server to test things out, not farm any boss or put too much time on anything. i still have the 700day progress in my PS plus cloud save... and guess what? the brand new world with brand new saved files also got corrupted. im glad i didnt to put too much time & effort on the random world... i just trashed everything, deleted everything.... 

they said they fixed the caves issue in public klei servers, lol. i got stuck in the loading screen again yesterday trying to enter the caves and i got another blue screen crash with corrupted file right after i deleted the new world new save "corrupted" saved files.


at this point, im not even gonna put too much energy or time in this game, everything is just gonna get corrupted.... 

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5 hours ago, NoscopeFelix said:

thats the post I mean


NOT regarding this current issue, they sent an email on May 3rd regarding other issues: Graphic Glitches, Pengulls, Goose Goose and the crashes I've been getting in my server which I also posted in the bug report forum "Major crashes, disconnect, wormhole, etc...". It has nothing to do with the Damage Save Data. 

They can't get my save file because it's corrupted (they got the old save files before I got this error), it wouldn't even let me upload in the PS cloud or USB stick, only option I had is delete or can't play at all. So yeah, the tweet you saw was sent to me and its regarding previous issues, not this one.

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