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Inability to access Forgotten Knowledge

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In my friends world,we've made it 100+ but have run into a big issue recently. One of the natural spawned pillars in the Ancient Archives had fully blocked the entrance of the Ancient Archives. This practically makes progression impossible without a lazy explorer. Is it possible to fix or change this natural blockade or change where they can spawn so players may not have to deal with the same issue?

Steps to Reproduce

Open up a world and find the Lunar Grotto and have natural generation lock the area to you. 

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User Feedback

I've put in a support ticket on her behalf, if further evidence is needed by a possible administration, we could provide access to the world. I'll ask her to provide a world save if possible is asked for.

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Unfortunately it sounds like unlucky world generation. A save file wouldn't really help as we wouldn't be able to fix it up and give it back. You'll have to use the lazy explorer if you're able. 

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