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Goose Moose is so broken!

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I'm sick of getting this annoying boss randomly spawning very close to my base to destroy the walls. He did it so many times, I had to rollback... I finally decided to record his action, he would spawn AWAY from the Goose Goose nest to break my walls without me even aggroing him or anything. I don't know why this is happening, there's like 2 Goose Goose in the area too.... I got so upset, I sent him to the swamp to try to get him killed but he somehow lived, he was  back in the base!! Please fix this, all the Giants in my server is broken....


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2 Goose Goose so close is a gift... A mommy & daddy, just kill them quickly!

Edit: I know I typed a M by the first Goose... Auto correct changes it all the time??

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