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Game repeats actions

  • Known Issue

If you try to burn down a tree the gane freaks out and just keeps repeating that action if you try to get away from it tge game pulls you in back.

If your inventory is full and you try to pick an item up the game keeps trying to pick it up and you can't do anything else.

Glitch in mining and chopping where either you chop/mine really fast while your character stands still or you character freaks out and just jumps without doing anything.

The game is very laggy and the settings dont apply or change when you start the world and they dont work example:i had clockworks on more they spawned in the middle of the oasis where you would fish and some clockworks just randomly appeared in the world there was just 1 knight sleeping in the mosaic and a rook just standing in the swamp with no chess turf or other clockworks nearby 

Steps to Reproduce

Pick up a torch and burn down a tree

Fill your inventory up and pick up an item 

Walk around the world and see world generation 

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User Feedback

They already addressed this issue, will most likely be fixed on the next update.

On 3/12/2021 at 11:56 PM, Corey said:

Just confirming we're aware of this. It will be fixed in a future patch.



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Having the same issue.
1.While in a fight with klaus I kept glitching back to klaus repeatedly. Bloody annoying used up so much more resources and couldn’t kite at all. 

2. lit a tree on fire with a torch and then kept glitching back to the tree and the action was repeat couldn’t break out of the loop had to drop the torch 

3. picked up rocks and inventory was full got stuck in the action had to leave the game !!!!

 Please fix!!!

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Hello good folks at Klei.

Just dropping you a note to kindly let you know that the issue of being stuck in a loop when opening a chest still exists even after installing patch 209.
It appears to be very intermittent.

Good luck with your endeavors in addressing this rather annoying bug.

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