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Flowers spawning on cobblestones/carpet and spawns some homeless bees - Klau's lootstash spawning on broken stone walls,

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I'm confused.... can flowers spawns on cobblestones & carpet?

Here's what happened.... a lure plant spawned close to my bee box area, it somehow ate all the freaking flowers in the area plus destroyed my evil flower area. I found this out way too late,I couldn't the flowers in my bee box area, 50% of the flowers are gone but a few new flowers spawned cobblestones and carpet and I also found a few homeless bees, I don't understand how I got homeless bees roaming around when the lure plant never destroyed any bee boxes.



Another issue.... 

I was in the caves the entire summer and came back up to find Klau's loot stash on broken wall stones.... I put the wall stones in there and broke it to avoid Klau's loot stash from spawning in that particular spot, it has worked for about 2 months, I haven't seen it spawn in that spot but it happened today....


Is this some sort of glitch? Why would Klau's loot's stash spawn on broken walls? If it's not a glitch... could Klei developers please do something about it? I know for a fact that lure plants will never spawn on certain turfs (wood flooring, cobblestones, rocky turf) would it be possible to make some modifications with Klau's loot stash so it can't spawn on certain turfs or on top of broken walls? My base is right there (pic above) and I've fought Klaus in this spot a few times, he always damages my base.... I wouldn't mind Klau's spawning in other areas in the Deciduous biome as long it is not infront of my base, inside my base or in between my base.

Steps to Reproduce
Lure plant spawn near my beebox area and caused all of that... no idea how to reproduce the loot stash issue, it was random, i was in the caves the entire time when it happened

User Feedback

Hi again, jesuisralph.

Flowers cannot naturally spawn on man-made turfs as well as select turfs (such as rocky turf). The reason why flowers are appearing on your cobblestone is because the homeless bees planted them.

To clarify, the world growing flowers can't place them on certain turfs. However, homeless bees pollinating flowers can place them anywhere. You should catch those homeless bees and make more boxes or gently silence them out of existence.

Those homeless bees were the result of the lureplant eating your bees from the bee boxes and then being released when you killed the meat bulb. After doing so, any surviving bees will be considered homeless.

As for the Klaus loot stash spawning on broken walls, I believe only structures will deter the spawn location of Klaus. Walls do not count as structures whether they're damaged or fixed.

Hopefully this helps!

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