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endless crashes and damage save msg

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Heyhey guys

Yesterday i got exited when i saw the new update. Starded the game, browsed for a dedicated server. Got to character selection, and logged with wickerbottom. At the loading screen the game crashed. A error occurred, reported problem. Rebooted game, and the msg "damaged save data popped. Tryed retry a vew times. Then hard reset back to ps4 desktop. Logged, same msg popped, retry 1 more time and then pressed Overwrite. And ye, all progress and saves games where gone. Only my collection stuff is still there.. damn harsh man!.. i tryed after that a dozen games on multiplayer and everytime i logged in it crashed to the desktop. I made a host game and could log in, tryed a vew minutes to check new stuff, quited.. reinstalled the game. logged in a vew times on multiplayer and crashed over and over. host saves where still gone btw and decided to sleep a night over it. Next day, (today) i saw a new update 1.10. Logged in got a new damage save msg i disabled save for a change.. but still the same isseaus. Could not log in on multiplayer witout crash.. plz help me get my saves back!!!! And get back online without crashing! My psn account is LordBongHitz.. greetz roy

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A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Hi @BongHitz

I'm sorry to hear about your damaged save data. We're working on a backup system to prevent this from happening in the future but right now there is likely no way to get you saves back.

I have a few questions about your crashes:

- Have you updated to the latest version (1.10, released on Tuesday)? 

- Does the crash happen when you join non-Klei servers, or only Klei servers?

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Exactly the same problem here. There is no dedicated server which I didn't try to connect to. Game crashes every time. So, let me try to answer some questions:

- This is about the latest version (1.10).

- On PS4 we have only official Klei dedicated servers.

- PS4 is with the latest software update.

- The account is signed in to psn.

- The error code is CE-34878-0.

-  I succeed to log in only once, after I loadout all the skins. I disconnected and try again...And crash.

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Ok update.

I figured this crash only happen on dedicated servers from klei. Not when i host or join other hosted games. And ye this crash to desktop is happening on 1.09 and 1.10.

I found luckily a solution to get my saves back for a part =)

With playstation plus online backup system i could recieve the saves back and replace it with the recent saves.. and lost only 5 days of real life saved gameplay unfortunaly. Hope this helps for people who lost all the same way and have plus.

And hope you fix the crashes and that not to many players are lost to much. As this game rocks and i absolutly love it..  sry for typos

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