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DST Deerclops showed up so late end of winter, early spring

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First, Beager is broken can't farm logs with him anymore. I'm definately not alone, I have a few friends who have the same problem as well in their own server.

Now I get Deerclops showing up very late. When I heard his voices so late, it took me by surprise, I had to rollback to prepare myself to spawn him far away from my base and also record it: 


Steps to Reproduce
I rollback to get him to respawn far away from my base

User Feedback

He can spawn any day in Winter... It's just the first winter is always on day 30, thereafter I've had him spawn last day & first day in subsequent winters. It's not a bug & what would the fun be if everything was so predictable to an exact day? Be prepared at all times!! ;P

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