Digital code gift issue- fixed

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Can’t redeem my digital codes with Merch from Klei store, putting the code in and nothing happens - Fixed with devs help through email: 

Hey there, 

Thanks for the pictures. I can verify that the codes are going to work. However, you will need to input a dash every 4 characters in the code. For example:

S8BP-AN86-JAT0-F0HY-ZZUJ (Where 0 is zero, and O is o)

And another example would be


Entering the codes with the dashes on your redemption bar will allow the game to accept the codes. We hope this has been of help Mahdi; please let us know if you require further assistance.

- Jan 

Thanks a ton JanH

Steps to Reproduce
Going to redeem a code, inserting the code, nothing happens

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