Charged for a bundle on ps4 but I got nothing

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So I purchased the Magmatic Bundel today and after so I didn't get any of the skins. I tried restarting the game my ps4 and updating my account but it did nothing while my credit card was still charged though. I would really like to see this resolved. I love the game and the community and I understand there will be issues with updates such as this so I will patiently await some fix or help. 

Thank you

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I went to the shop on DST on my ps4 and purchased the Magmatic Bundel using my credit card. I was returned to the games shop menu and received nothing. The Bundel is still purchasable for me but my credit card was still charged for the Bundel.

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@NoobKillerx1 you should have the items on your account now.

Just to confirm, you're playing in the Americas. And can you post your KU (from the options screen), then I can double check to make sure your account is correct.

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