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  1. The game seems to crash whenever I enter the Oasis during summer/ sandstorm. This is a world created post patch at day 300. I am playing on Playstation 4. This bug is happening after the new QOL October patch.
  2. Is it possible that console can get the geometric placement style function for the qol? Also can seeds not turn to rot i dont pick up everyone I see and it liters my worlds.
  3. Transforming during a full moon completely immobilizes the player and makes them immortal as what Were form they take as of the new patch on PS4.
  4. So I purchased the Magmatic Bundel today and after so I didn't get any of the skins. I tried restarting the game my ps4 and updating my account but it did nothing while my credit card was still charged though. I would really like to see this resolved. I love the game and the community and I understand there will be issues with updates such as this so I will patiently await some fix or help. Thank you