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Beefalo Trophy problem

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I tried to domesticate a Beefalo, gave it some Grass and made a Saddle to ride it but I didn't get the trophy. Am I missing something?

Steps to Reproduce
Just played the game/domesticated a Beefalo

User Feedback

Keep going, you can ride them while they are partially domesticated. Check out the wiki if you would like more details about beefalo domestication.

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Just keep at it... I did the feed & ride method for 20 days, averageĀ of +/- 30 twigs per day is required + riding. I was almost convinced there would be a bug, cause day 20 my beefalo was red butt, luckily I had the beefalo hat. I was able to feed him & ride, but he threw me way quicker. I just persisted & he turned into a "rider" half way through the day & trophy popped! Good Luck

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