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(This has been bugging me for quite some time and it occurs quite often) when you row sometimes you will start to not hear the splashing sound of you rowing and you will only be able to paddle every second. Also when this occurs it makes it so that your rowing has no effect on the movement of the boat. The only way to be able to row again is to move a bit and then start to row.

Steps to Reproduce
Try rowing for long distances(also try not being the host)
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19 hours ago, CharlesB said:

Does turning off lag compensation improve the situation or have any effect?

Turning it off does make it not occur anymore , but I can barley play with it turned to ‘none’(the delay is so bad it’s unplayable).9BEFD06F-3EF8-405F-9F29-42C8D545F877.thumb.jpeg.c11fa5bf108d2e1c4fc5503b704fa5c3.jpeg here is me drowning ,because the lag didn’t let me extinguish the fire my campfire made.

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