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Fog of War / Map Not Explored when changing PS4s

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My household has two PS4s. Today my wife and I were playing together, each on our own PS4. Later, we switched to split screen because my laptop died (remote play on the second PS4), but we discovered that her explored map had disappeared. The entire map was black. Her character, her inventory, all remained. But the map exploration was gone. Same server, same save file, same PSN account, lost the map.

Steps to Reproduce
Log into the game from a different PS4 on the same account, map is gone.

User Feedback

In the PC version if you switched computers and logged in to the same account the map will nonger be there. Maps are saved onto that pc and cannot carry over ( just like the host's worlds. ) without moving the save files.

Characters and invatory are saved in a different location from what I understand and that's why they can carry over.

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ChibiLuke is correct, map exploration is stored in each player's profile, like on the PC. However, the first "a new reign" update on the PC changed that. So at some point that will be fixed on the PS4 as well.

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