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  1. Is there a date by when you can get these items? I couldn't log in until today ( 2/23 ) and I didn't get anything.
  2. Well... what if someone volunteered to be kicked? I can do that if ya want, that way it can be tested out.
  3. Played the pc version and had hounds attack the penguls at night and the penguls do attack anything that harms them at night.
  4. In the PC version if you switched computers and logged in to the same account the map will nonger be there. Maps are saved onto that pc and cannot carry over ( just like the host's worlds. ) without moving the save files. Characters and invatory are saved in a different location from what I understand and that's why they can carry over.
  5. I will have to play the pc version again to be 100% sure it wasn't changed; but I've died before for accidentally attacking them in the dead of night. I've also used this technique with hounds in the past.
  6. I usually tag team with my friends to take out Bertch Tree Guards. But I had two ware pigs on my and the other player was Woodie and dealing with his Wood needs. ( But that is a good idea on how to beat them! Will have to try that out. ) The problem I had though was that when they had despond one of them stayed. It was vary wierd cause it didn't attack or animation. So I was just going to burn it. Right when I did the light animation it disappeared, leaving nothing behind.
  7. Yikes! Maybe the data was corrupted when you lost connection? Maybe you restarted while the game was saving.
  8. I had a simular problem but with A Bertch Tree Guard. Two of them spawned and I wasn't able to fight them. When I went back later to chop more wood one of them was still there. So I decided to tortch it and it suddenly disappeared. It didn't leave anything behind like it wasn't even there to begin with. I tried to save a video but I was unable to.
  9. I was on a Klei server in winter when hounds were bane. I went to the penguins since it was late and my base was near pigs. The hounds attacked and I got them to fight the penguins and things were going just fine till dead of night hit. The hounds would attack the penguins and they would wake up but not attack back. They would either get stuck in thier battle cry or spin around. One hound took out almost a whole penguin pack until day hit. Then they acted normally and took care or the hound. Another thing I noticed was that when mining the ice near thepenguins the sound affects got REALLY muffled. The sound of the pick axe breaking while mining ice would be muffled too.
  10. Hmm... I dunno if the console version would be able to do it like the pc. It's been a while since I played Don't Starve alone on the console but I thought it was the same way for that too. I don't think the way the controls are set up would allow double invatory windows vary well. ( though it does make things a little more tedious. )
  11. I also had a problem with split screen delay. We were playing local too and fighting is rather tough. There is at least 2 item pick ups when near a spike and if I'm lucky I can do 1 item. Lag shouldn't be so much an issue when playing local though. The delay is REALLY bad. Here is a pic I took while playing split screen. This was taken on a local server.
  12. Now I know you can attack them in DST on the pc. I usually have force and normal attack as the same button so I think sometimes I just end up targeting the walls.
  13. This is a problem that happens in the PC version too... Don't know if it's a bug so much as a target issue though.