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Wrangling "!!" priority

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If you have "!!" wrangling priority set and saved the game like that, It defaults to "5" when loading the save either immediately or after unpausing.
voles.sav drecko.sav


"!!" wrangling priority defaults to "5" when the critter goes from an unreachable to a reachable position and the "wrangling" isn't cleared after the critter is wrangled and trussed unless you close/open the critter's info window or cancel wrangling and click the wrangle button again.

Clicking the "capture critters" wrangle button (bottom right of the screen, not on critter's info) and wrangle-drag critters, doesn't show any priority on critter's info and priority "!!" does nothing (or it just defaults to priority 5? But there is no way to check)


Steps to Reproduce

-Wrangle critter using "!!" priority, especially critters that can get from unreachable to reachable positions.

-Save game while there is a critter to "!!" wrangle priority. Reload save.

-Click the capture critters button. Click drag to wrangle critters in any priority. Try to check/change that priority

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

The change of "!!" priority to 5 when wrangling, seems to happen in more cases than just going from unreachable to reachable wrangle. Try to yellow alert wrangle that vole

It is stuck going in and out the water for some reason. Yellow alert wrangling goes off every time the vole moves. Space Hut_2 284.sav

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