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Wild Spindly Grubfruit / Grub fruit harvest problem

suicide commando
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Wild Spindly grub fruit that get tended by Sweetles or Grubgrubs do not preserve the 'enable autoharvest' setting. 

When you set autoharvest on, on a wild spindly grub fruit, and it gets tended, becoming a 'proper' grubfruit, the autoharvest setting is forgotten.
The same goes for the other way around, when you have set autoharvest to ON on a tended grubfruit, and it gets harvested, it turns back into a spindly grubfruit which no longer remembers the autoharvest ON setting.


Steps to Reproduce

Find a wild spindly grub fruit, set autoharvest to ON.

Have a it get tended by a grubgrub or sweetle. -> Autoharvest is now OFF.
Turn autoharvest on, wait for harvest. The now once again spindly grubfruit has autoharvest OFF.


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