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Wall toilet control not releasing restrictions following launch

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The wall toilet is configured as "Controlled" and the Rocket Control Station is configured as "Grounded". This should allow for the duplicants to use the wall toilet when in space; however, this does not work all the time and the duplicants will make a mess in the rocket:


If I toggle the controlled/uncontrolled button to uncontrolled and back to controlled the "access restricted" message goes away. It shouldn't be there in the first place.

Save is attached:

The Beyond3.sav

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Build rocket with wall toilet
  2. Set wall toilet to controlled
  3. Set rocket control station to grounded
  4. Launch rocket and wait for duplicants to make a mess


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User Feedback

Having the same problem currently, build U42-512719-SD. I've only launched maybe 10 or 15 times over the past month or so, but I never had this problem until today. Nothing has changed about the interior of my rocket throughout this (I use a spacefarer module instead of the nosecone version). As noted, toggling the toilet itself from Controlled to Uncontrolled and back corrects the issue. Changing the "Interior Building Restrictions" setting on the Rocket Control Station back and forth from "None" to "Grounded" had no effect.

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Encountered a similar issue: instead of a toilet a cot was not released, dupe ended up sleeping on the floor. In my case 'grounded' was logic controlled.  Also U42-512719-SD.

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Got a consistent repro with this save Stardust_pre_launch.sav:

  1. Load the save
  2. Wait for the rocket to launch (already set to start)
  3. Check rocket that launched

Toilet is blocked.

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